Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life is Sweeter than Honey

"It's one thing to be told that honey is sweet, its another thing to taste it and know for yourself."

I'm not sure if that's exactly the way it goes, but you guys get the picture :P

I first heard that phrase 2 years ago at an OIL retreat. Even now as it is brought up in a conversation between me and a friend, its impact is still powerful.

It leads me to several thoughts. Number one being how no matter how much we tell people about Jesus, they simply only have head knowledge of Jesus' love. But its completely something different when God opens up their hearts and they experience joy, love, and peace that can only come from him. It gives a bit of encouragement for me. When I tell my friends about Jesus, sometimes I'm upset or sad that they don't understand what I'm talking about when I share how much God has transformed my life. They know the story of the gospel, and yet they still do not want to follow Jesus. This saying reminds me that only Jesus can open up their hearts; only God can allow them to taste his love, not just hear it; only He can allow them to experience his amazing grace and love.

It leads me to a second thought; how do we ourselves know where we fit in that? Are we people who are simply knowing God's love, or do we truly know what God's love tastes like? I think back on my life since I've become a Christian, and I think how many times I've personally felt God's presence in my life, from when I became first involved in a Christian fellowship to even now as I prepare to head to Cambodia. But then I am reminded of the times where I simply just know about God's love. I remember learning about how if Jesus' death on the cross truly impacts our lives, then it should completely change our lives. Instead of telling people about Jesus' love, they should be able to see it in the way we live our lives. Jesus' love should be completely integrated in the way we study, the way we handle ourselves when we're angry, and even the way we talk about our day.

How many times did I complain about studying for a class? a friend? my family? When I was upset with a friend, did I yell at the person, or calmly talked it out? Is there another way I could have reacted that reflects Jesus' love in my life? I guess thats where the phrase comes in "What would Jesus do?"

I pray that as I continue with my spiritual walk, I will allow Jesus' love to be seen in my life, and that one day, instead of me telling them about Jesus, my friends would notice something different about me, and in that, they would see Jesus.

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