Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventure is Out There!

Nervousness. Fear. Anticipation. Relief. Joy. Humility.

I'm at first nervous, because this trip has been a long way coming. I decided to go on missions to Cambodia over a year ago. I applied in December and we have been prepping since then. I'm nervous because as much as we have prepped, I don't feel... well.. prepared. Are our lesson plans going to be effective? Are our games fun and educational?

Next is fear. Well... what if what we have isn't good enough? Should we have prepped earlier? Another month longer?

I wait in anticipation, because I will only know once I'm there, in the middle of the Kuy village with brand new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Suddenly a sigh of relief. Hello? We have God! We were sent by God, to help support this village. It is in God's amazing plan. He's been guiding us this entire time, step by step. He definitely wouldnt abandon us now, after all we're on his mission.

Joy. =] We're bringing the good news to this village. People who have been worshipping spirits for generation after generation have just accepted Jesus into their hearts. How amazing that God was able to reach out to them! How amazing that our great God chose these people in the middle of the jungles of Cambodia to be his people, his children.

I am immediately humbled. This is a big thing, bringing the gospel. It has alot of power. It has the power of salvation, demonstrating God's grace, mercy and love. (Fear all over again?) But out of all the people, God chose 4 people from NJ to help the Crossroads students. DUDE. Do you get it? (Do I even get it?) God's plan of salvation for this village involves us. Whoa there. Really God? Do you know what you're doing? Cause I have a pretty bad record. I'm sinful, broken, self-centered, obnoxious. But you want to use me? I am not worthy, Lord to be in your wonderful plans for this village. Yet, he chooses every one of us to become part of his plan. not just abroad, but daily, to show his light to our families, friends in the way we hold ourselves. The way we react to a bad grade or the way someone cuts us off on the highway. We get to show God's light and show another way.

A bit more of sharing.. slightly off course...

Today's sermon at Metro Community Church was about shame by Pastor Alex Gee. He spoke about how we have alot of baggage and shame that prevent us from approaching the cross. Jesus is being baptized in the Jordan in the book of Matthew. and he really emphasized what an amazing scene this is. He described it as if we had an altar call at church and all the sudden, Jesus walked down the aisle. Yet, Jesus is standing in the Jordan in front of everybody. He's not on the shore, pointing and going 'yea sinner, you go get baptized, you need it.' Jesus himself is in the Jordan and he just says "come, yes I know you struggle with alcoholism, yes you over there, I know that you grew up with an abusive father. But come, I will take your burdens, no burden is too heavy for me." I guess sometimes we act like we are unworthy to approach the throne. But never forget that Jesus loves us soo much that he died on the cross for us. He is the answer, the truth and the light. He will free us from our chains, but we need to allow him to do that.

wow that was really off course, but well, i really liked todays sermon =] so just thought i'd share that with you. Please pray for my trip! it's my first one, i dont know what to expect, but here i am, Lord, use me.

Prayer requests:
Safety- Jungle + mosquitoes that carry malaria + water that can give diarrhea = possible injury, getting sick, obstacles. Please pray for our safety!
Hearts - I will always be amazed at the people we are going to serve who have recently opened their hearts in accepting Jesus. please pray that their hearts would continue to be open as we share the gospel with them.
our team
- we will be going with Serena who has been in Cambodia since Jan. very excited, but hoping we will all be able to work well as a team, especially with other Cambodian brothers and sisters who will be serving as our translators
Adjustment- new culture, environment, country. I've never been to Asia before. I'm scared to offend someone, be weirded out by things I'm not used to. Pray for me to have an open heart to new things and to be respectful to our hosts and new friends =] (we could be disrespectful without even knowing it! ex: patting someones back is a sign of disrespect)

Thats all for now! I'll see you guys August 23 =]
God bless.

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