Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jesus Saves

To be brief, I walked into church on Sunday. I reflected on my sin: how I didn't want to be there, how I knew I wouldn't pay attention to the sermon because I was too tired, how I wish I had slept more to be more prepared for my exam later that night. I remembered sins of the week: judgemental, no drive to do devos, idolizing school work, not putting trust in God. And yet as I was worshipping, I was reminded this: God will welcome us with open arms. No matter where we are, no matter what we did, God still loves us. We can peacefully enter into His Church and know that we're okay, because we have God. What else do we need?

Be at peace today, brothers and sisters. We have God.

We are cursed and gone astray.
We cannot gain salvation.
But the devil has forgotten the refrain: Jesus Saves

"Forgiveness is understandable...but this looks me right in the face: ....sinner though I am and says RIGHTEOUS."- John Piper


thousandth said...

This song is quite lovely.

He's always there, Amen.

Grace Chai said...


Jen said...


i just happened to be listening to this song online. and stumbled upon your blog with this same song posted.

God telling me something?

thousandth said...

update pleasee (=

Cathy Au said...

testing somethingg