Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do you dare me?

Why did I start a blog?
-because Eric dared you! [eh perhaps..]
-because you miss your old xanga. [definitely part of it]
-because you wanted to avoid studying for chemistry [ding ding we have a winner!]

I thought it was interesting how some people are getting into blogs, writing their daily thoughts (maybe weekly, monthly). It reminds me how I used to eagerly log on to xanga after school to write every single detail that occurred that day: how I wish I was pre-warned when cars drove next to me during rainy days to avoid being splashed, how certain people secretly annoyed me. I liked reflecting at the ridiculous thoughts I had, my style of "typing lyke this" and the old drama I can look back and smile at.

So what will I use this blog for? Should I write interesting thoughts like Eric about girls' lip gloss and mistakes on the church bulletins? Should I write my daily thoughts, like a diary? Should I write what verses catch my eye as I do daily devos? Maybe a blend of all of the above.

I'm hoping not to treat this like xanga, seeing who comments, how many people read or check my blog. This would be like another facebook, another annoyance, distraction to my daily life. My biggest expectation for this blog is to encourage me to write out my thoughts while I read the Word. I want write in a journal but I've become too lazy to write it out the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper. So, thanks technology!

Here I go, wherever this blog may take me. I pray God will bless those who read my thoughts on His Word, I hope I can make people laugh with my random daily anecdotes, and I hope people will learn from my mistakes.

Here's already one for today:
Don't tell people you are going to stalk them, even if you're kidding. ESPECIALLY if their girlfriend is with them.

God Bless, and enjoy!


blog fellow said...

welcome to the blogosphere.

Edify said...

You still "type lyke this."

That stalk-thing is messed up. Aiyo.

hanster said...

Two eprops for starting a blog. I look forward to thought provoking entries and deep philosophical insights.